Nostalgia – Herbert Kornfeld keeping it real at Midstate Office Supply

Every so often I’ll take a break from my educational adventures and reminisce about something or other which amused, interested, entertained or otherwise kept me occupied in the dim and distant past otherwise known as the Stone Age, Middle Ages, Dark Ages, or whatever epithet today’s youth deems fit to employ.

Today’s trip down memory lane is a visit to the occasional diary of one Herbert Kornfeld, the gangsta king of Accountz Reeceevable [sic] for the premier office supplies company, Midstate Office Supply.

Herbert told it how it was, from the trenches of the A.R./A.P. war. Every 30th April I pour one out for my fallen comrade. R.I.P., brother.

Warning: some, ahem, fruity language follows.

The Compleat Herbert Kornfeld

27/11/1996 – I Am a Bad Ass
04/11/1997 – Keep Your Fucking Shit Off My Desk
25/02/1998 – I Be The Real Employee Of The Month
24/06/1998 – West-Wing Tech-Support Crew Be A Buncha Wack Bitches
11/11/1998 – Human-Resources Bitches Be Makin’ Me Take Vacation Days
17/02/1999 – Accountz Reeceevin’ Ain’t For No Candy-Ass Temps
12/05/1999 – Tha Autobiography Of Herbert K
28/07/1999 – I Gots To Represent At Tha Muthafuckin’ Company Picnic
10/11/1999 – Time Foe Tha H-Dog To Give Props
15/03/2000 – Cash-Room Bitch Be Havin’ My Shortie
26/07/2000 – What Y’all Heard About Tha CPA Convention Be LIES
06/12/2000 – H-Dog Jr.
28/02/2001 – A Homey In Need
06/06/2001 – Guard Yo’ Grill Against Them Computa Bitchez
12/09/2001 – True A.R. Bruthas Don’t Take No Layba Day Off
30/01/2002 – Take This Job And Love It
22/05/2002 – Offin’ Office Max
18/09/2001 – Keepin’ It Real In Tha Midstate Crib
15/01/2003 – Joinin’ Tha Notary Club
21/05/2003 – Yo, Don’t Judge
10/09/2003 – Daddy H. Day Care
28/01/2004 – Enter Tha Office
26/05/2004 – Sob Sistah
20/10/2004 – A Day Off? Sheeit
27/04/2005 – A Motivation Seminizar
25/04/2007 – It Wuz Always ‘Bout Tha Numbahs
01/05/2007 – White-On-White Violence Claims Life Of Accounts Receivable Supervisor